What Do WeDeal With?


We cover services such as creating and planning brand design in online reality, creating sales and marketing strategies, project management, virtual assistance in brand design activities. Check our simple, yet comprehensive, plans of services for your brand.


Make Your Business Thrive


Online Brand Creation

Make your brand visible online in a captivating way for customers. We will create for you coherent brand design composed of logo, RWD webpages, e-store.

Business Planning & Sales Strategy

Don’t rely on chance or luck in your business growth. Before proposing any solutions, we thoroughly plan your brand’s online activities and sales strategy.

Marketing strategy

Choose the best strategy to get ahead of your competitors. We conduct analysis of your company’s position and evaluation of options in line with growth goals, marketing objectives.

Virtual Assistant Services

Get professional, on-demand help in online brand design. We offer the assistance of a Virtual Assistant that propose the best and latest solutions for sales, visual branding, marketing activities.

Our Experts Know Their Job


Let our specialists deal with your brand design, sales strategy, project management and marketing activities. They know their job, as well as your company’s needs!


Brand Design

Services like: logo design, Responsive Web Design, online stores supporting sales processes like cross-selling, up-selling, other visual identity projects (info-graphics, social media pages design).



Advisory services and training courses that provides know-how on process, art of effective sales together with useful tips.



Covering areas such as: audit of company’s potential, plan of actions, visibility of brand, choosing promotional activities, forms, spaces.


Project Management

Effective and complex project management – taking care of project from draft to implementation that is always provided within deadline.