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Trends Web Design 2019

Trends in Mobile and Web Design 2019

Designing web applications, websites, online stores and their mobile versions, as well as mobile applications, has its hot topics as every other industry. Every year trends change and to create a project in line with the latest standards, you need to know what is now on the top in online and mobile design.

Trends in Design 2019

According to trendsetters, UI / UX specialists, graphic designers and creators of web and mobile applications in 2019 the following things are fashionable:

  • Bold, vivid colors: this is a trend that was already known in 2018, but this year it will intensify. The colors are to be even more bold and saturated.
  • Custom illustrations: it is commonly known that custom-made illustrations convert seven times more online traffic than stock photos. A unique, interesting illustration full of vibrant colors can attract customers.
  • Asymmetry: break off with harmony, but not in the name of chaos – choose asymmetry, which can also introduce a bit of compositional order.
  • Animations: small animations in the advertisement or in the application encourage interaction. They work especially well as a gentle passage from one illustration to another or as a transition of sections. A small thing that makes a difference.
  • Gradients: a hot trend in 2017-2018 will stay with us for another year.

Augmented reality: this trend slowly penetrates into the world of design of web and mobile applications. An option for advanced players, but it is definitely one of the trends of the future.

Pictures that look natural: another proof that the era of stocky, boring photos is coming to an end. The graphic designers are now looking for interesting, natural-looking photos that are supposed to fulfill the role of stock photos, without looking like ones.

Micro interactions: tiny animations in a mobile application that create subtle visual effects. Even the smallest element of the UI can hide animation.

Background videos: a video in the background of a website or an application improves the conversion rate, as research shows. The video transmits important content in a few seconds and encourages the user to stay on the site.

3D illustrations: this type of illustration has been booming for a few years and this will not change in 2019.

  • Bold fonts replacing images: typography starts to take on an increasingly better position in design. Bold, unique fonts can successfully replace images.

  • Single page: it seemed that scrolling endlessly of the website would cease to be fashionable, but here comes a surprise. Single pages are making a comeback, as used by an increasing number of website designers.

  • Surrealistic design: crazy designs for crazy times. Abstract, surreal pictures are a trend that is growing in strength.

  • Data visualization: infographics, data maps and more. Nothing makes the users aware of the significance of the data so much as its visualization. This is a simple way to transfer the maximum amount of content.

  • Split screen: usually in half, that is, an aesthetic and ascetic screen divided into two panels with different content and images. It is especially useful in mobile applications, from which this trend is derived.

  • The greater role of the text: it is true that the image is worth 1000 words and it seemed that picture communication has completely displaced words, but the text is staging a great comeback this year. The right typography is crucial here, because with the eye-catching font, the text has a chance to reach the recipient and better convey specific information than pictures.

Simple Plan always follows the trends like a rabbit down the rabbit hole, and implements them in clients’ projects, as long as they match their specifics, requirements and expectations.


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