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Planowanie i budowa marki online

Why Is It Important To Plan Online Marketing Activities?

The basis of online activities in terms of brand design should be a well-thought-out, tailored to the customer’s needs plan that takes into account the trends and realities of the market. Without a plan or marketing strategy, the steps aimed at increasing online sales will be misguided, and the money invested in the development of the website or store will go to waste.

Strategic Planning

Years of experience have taught the Simple Plan’s team not to act without a specific plan. Often does it happen that during the audit of a website or an online store, we notice numerous errors in their design. Technical errors, solutions and design not user-friendly, marketing banners that do not sell, lack of appropriate cross-selling or up-selling sales mechanisms – if we find faults of this type, we already know what has gone wrong. There was no plan and the company acted in the dark.

A Design Thinking Method: Stages

At Simple Plan, when planning and implementing activities in the field of brand design, we follow the Design Thinking method, which helps determine the preferences of end customers. It consists of the stages:

defining, or identifying the potential of the brand, the difficulties encountered by clients when using the services of the competition, defining the target group and marketing goals, sketching the schedule of activities and budget,

brainstorming, i.e. gathering as many unique solutions as possible to meet marketing goals and usability criteria, and then reliably evaluating them and selecting the best options,

opracowanie prototypu, czyli stworzenie makiet funkcjonalnych będących wizualizacją wybranych rozwiązań,

implementation of solutions.

W pierwszym kroku metoda Design Thinking skupia się na analizie i planowaniu działań oraz określeniu celów strategii. Odpowiednie przygotowanie tych podwalin projektu determinuje jego sukces.

A good analysis must take into account the brand’s capabilities and limitations, its business model, general objectives of the company, as well as external conditions, competition and the target group of customers. First and foremost, it is necessary to examine the target group as widely as possible: interests, age, social status, goals in life, place of residence. Równie istotnym elementem jest zbadanie konkurencji i ustalenie jej przewagi nad analizowaną marką. The analysis is in the first place tedious work, but after collecting the data comes the time for their creative use. It is not enough to draw up a customer profile or understand the scheme of operations of competitors, you need to know how to reforge this information into brand branding activities.

Marketing Goals

Objectives should be measurable so that they can serve as a reference point in controlling the effectiveness of the implemented solutions. So rather not: increasing the brand’s visibility online, but: increasing the number of users by 20% in half a year. It is worth setting both short and long-term goals.

Benefits of a Good Marketing Plan

What added value does a well-prepared strategy give in the process of creating an online brand? First of all, it allows to:

recognize the company’s capabilities and potential to use in activities,

zidentyfikować zagrożenia wewnętrzne i zewnętrzne oraz ich uniknąć,

define the tools and method of implementation,

save time and money, because it indicates the most optimal solutions.

Sketching a marketing strategy is a multi-stage process requiring both deep analytical work and a creative approach. But it certainly pays off!

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