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Online Brand Design Virtual Assistant

How Can an Online Brand Design Virtual Assistant Be Useful For Your Company?

Virtual assistant is a new ‘it’ profession. A remotely working professional supporting a company in sales, marketing or organizational activities is gaining more and more popularity on the job market as well as among clients. What traits should a good virtual assistant dedicated to online brand design have? What are the benefits of working with such a professional?

Virtual Assistant, or …

A multi-tasking expert who remotely assists the company in its various activities. Activities outsourced by the company for a virtual assistant can differ among companies and depend on both the company’s needs and the assistant’s skills, know-how. Most often, the virtual assistant deals with the organizational stuff (meetings, conferences, contact with clients, business trips, events), finances (accounting, invoicing), marketing and PR (advertising, promotions, sales, social media channels, website updates), project management. An online brand design virtual assistant will focus her or his activities on marketing, brand design and sales processes. On a regular basis, she/he will advise clients on the latest and most optimal solutions for the website, online store or social media channels, and deal with their implementation and monitoring of the effects.

Required Skills of a Virtual Assistant

The soft and hard skills of a virtual assistant depend largely on his/her specialization. For sure, every virtual assistant must be characterized by excellent contact with customers and sales skills as well as impeccable communication. When talking about a virtual assistant in brand design, he or she must be an effective and experienced marketer, know the latest trends in the brand design and use tools to support online sales, promotions, and advertising. Practical skills certainly shall cover: useful knowledge of CRM systems, CMS, mailing programs, the functioning of websites and online stores and updating them, social media, as well as some popular programs for project management (Trello, Asana) or applications for reporting and supporting productivity (e.g. Nozbe).

The Benefits

What are the benefits of having a virtual assistant? Through cooperation with such a brand design expert, the company gains:

Everyday, professional support in brand design activities that will take off the responsibility from the owner or employees of the company, as well as guarantee that someone really skilled deals with creating an online brand,

Time saving, because a virtual assistant will take over some of the responsibilities previously delegated to the company’s employees or owners,

Possibility to focus on other aspects of the company’s operations – development, organization of the sales process, etc. – while activities related to marketing, promotion and branding will be passed to an external expert,

Saving money, because a virtual assistant works remotely, so you do not have to hire an additional employee,

The ability to scale and automate business thanks to additional support and gained extra time to take care of these aspects,

Improvement of communication with customers and online brand visibility thanks to dedicated activities of a brand design specialist.

In Simple Plan, we offer a Virtual Assistant’s support in the package, because we know that such solution works perfectly and allows companies to continue the process of creating an online brand.

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